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Aug 9th, 2013

An inside scoop on our leading actors and their excitement for IN SEARCHING

Jake Borelli [Jon], Aley Underwood [Michelle], Jacob Grodnik [Cole] and Evan Hall [Erik]

If there is one thing to say about the IN SEARCHING cast and crew, it is that they are passionate. Our writers, producers and pre-production crew have spent months creating the best script possible. It is because of this preparation and our talented, hard working cast that this story will be brought to life.

Before production began, I had the pleasure to sit down with Jake Borelli, Jacob Grodnik, Aley Underwood and Evan Hall to talk about the film and their biggest anticipations for the shoot. This was my first opportunity to get to know these actors and their excitement was truly contagious. Although the cast members share many similarities, mainly enthusiasm, each one is in store for a very unique experience.

With four leading roles, it is hard to imagine getting to know all of these characters well. But one of the most engaging elements of this script is each character is completely explored and developed. It is this quality that interested many of our principal cast in the project.

When I asked what drew them to their roles, each of them felt they had a personal connection to the emotions and personalities of their character. Hall, who plays Erik, said his character’s vulnerability was the biggest draw; while Grodnik [Cole] said Cole’s internal turmoil and how he puts on a “mask” as a means of dealing with his issues interested him. Both men explained that they wanted to explore the emotions behind their characters.

As for our leading lady: Underwood said she felt that she had a lot in common with her character Michelle upon first reading the script. “[She] is in the same place I was a couple years ago, fighting for the same freedom and release.” Being in that place made Underwood all the more interested in introducing the rest of the world to Michelle. Co-star Borelli also felt as though he was similar to the character. “Jon and I are a lot alike in that we are both in the middle of figuring out who we are and what is important to us.” This connection of the actors to their roles allows for genuine performances, and a rawness that will draw in the audience. Director Jake Topkis even went on to say Borelli “has an excellent insight into the character, and is going to shine in our film.” That is straight from the man himself.

“It’s nice to be able to play a character that hits so close to home,” were Underwood’s closing remarks. “Home” has a double meaning for some of our cast. Grodnik is actually returning to his hometown to shoot IN SEARCHING, and this, for him, makes the film all the more meaningful.

Whatever their reasons were, Grodnik, Underwood, Hall and Borelli were all prepared and excited to get going and, with production just beginning, I can easily say they have not been disappointed. Check back soon for an update from our cast and be sure to stay connected with the production on our Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.