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Our Influences: The Giants Before Us

Jun 2nd, 2013

During IN SEARCHING, Cole looks up to his friend Jon as not only his close friend but as a role model. That got us at Heart-Beat to think about the people in our lives that inspire us. So we asked IN SEARCHING’s Scott Morris and our Sound Operator and Post Engineer Peter D’Angelo about the greats in their life that have taught them to reach for the stars.

Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Peter D'Angelo

Peter D’Angelo

Is there someone in the industry whose talent you particularly respect, or whom you aspire to achieve to a similar same level of success some day?

PETER: [Editor] Walter Murch is my greatest role model. This is the man who is largely responsible for creating the role of the sound designer. He is an innovator and pioneer in every sense of the words. From first paying particular attention to the sonic character of film, bringing it to the forefront of directors’ consciousness to creating the first 5.1 surround mix in a major film with Apocalypse Now, he has my complete admiration and respect.

SCOTT: [Fred] Raskin and Stephen Mirrione are among the top of the list. I had the honor to see both of these men speak, and their passion for filmmaking was impressive. They have wonderful careers and I have the feeling a big part of it has to do with the fact that these guys just love the art of film editing and movie making. That kind of devotion and love is what drives me. Also to note is that both editors have great relationships with their directors. That kind of loyalty and collaboration is a major driving force for me as well.

Who inspired you to love editing?

SCOTT: Robert Rodriguez.

PETER: I know I have been bringing him up a lot, but Walter Murch is by far the greatest influence in my audio career. I contribute the reason why I do what I do to him. His films are experiences to me, they push beyond simply watching a film, they are aurally engaging. I can only hope to be able to execute and create with the thoughtfulness and care that he has.

Yeah, we love these guys. Help them reach their dreams here.

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