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In One Month, We Go IN SEARCHING

Jun 29th, 2013

Producer/Writer/Director J.L. Topkis writes to the members of Heart-Beat one month prior to the commencement of principal photography on our first feature-length effort:


In exactly one month, we will be moving forward with IN SEARCHING at roughly 24-frames-per-second.

July 29th is our first shooting date. We will be shooting for 25 days in and around Park City, UT until August 30th.

So many of us have already been engaged on this project. Some of us have had this project in mind for years. Some of us have begun pre-production work in the last few months. In July, we have members of the team arriving each week. Lots of work has been done….BUT, none of it counts until we actualize the wonderful potential of this story each day on set.

For many of us, this will be the most challenging project we have faced. The result could be glorious. The talent on this crew is incredible, I could not be more excited to work with you. Heart-Beat has come a long way, but if we do things right in one month – we can reach the next level with our filmmaking.

Thank you for your commitment. Let’s go IN SEARCHING.

- Jake Topkis