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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble..

Jun 4th, 2013

Jake and Russell Filming

At this point, we are less than two weeks away from the conclusion of this Kickstarter, a milestone in the production of IN SEARCHING! While the Heart-Beat team is extremely excited to have come this far, we recently took the time to sit down with the two producers, Jake and Russell, to get their thoughts on the progress.

At this point, halfway through the Kickstarter, what has this campaign been for IN SEARCHING?

Russell Bartlett: I’m honestly all over the place. One part of me is very invested in these next ten days, but the majority of my energy is going into the next eight weeks of filming.

Jake Topkis: This Kickstarter really has been a cool way to announce IN SEARCHING…

RB: The Kickstarter has pushed me to step forward and approach people, and I really enjoy that. I enjoy that personal connection I can make with someone that’s interested in what I’m doing, and then I can just tell them that ‘You can go to and check us out!’ it really brought all the pieces together.

This Kickstarter has pushed us to talk to people that may not have come across our message in other ways, and that’s been great.

So talk to me about the pressures that you are facing? What obstacles are on the horizon for IN SEARCHING?

JT: I wouldn’t really say there are obstacles, but there are some definite challenges. Locking in locations, for example, is a challenge, and the logistics of managing a team of 40 people is crazy, and this is an independent project, so we can’t compete with Hollywood jobs, and we have to motivate our team from the heart.

RB: But the history of Heart Beat really backs up what we want to do. We have a history of being progressive and making stories ahead of our time, and we are really confident in this story.

So what have these obstacles taught you along the way?

RB: There’s a lot that we’re learning, honestly. Each day is something new.

JT: Yeah, I mean, I’m starting to approach each day as both a business and a pleasure, which is a feat in and of itself. I’m learning the benefits and downsides of working with your friends, but also using the knowledge that I’ve gained in earlier projects.

Is there anything in particular that you’d like the world to know about IN SEARCHING? . . .

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